Alsera Homestays, Naqab (Negev)

Alsera is an ‘unrecognised’ Bedouin village in Naqab (known by the Israeli name of Negev). This means that its people are denied basic services, their homes stand under constant threat of demolition, their crops may be poisoned or damaged and their land is taken for new Israeli settlements. Despite this, Khalil Alamour, a teacher from the village who has represented his people and spoken about their plight at the UN, welcomes visitors into his home, where people can learn about the situation for the Bedouin of the Naqab and see how ordinary Bedouins live day-to-day, away from the stereotyped facilities of Israeli tourist sites in the Negev. Visitors need to note that this is a very traditional community where very modest dress must be worn and where unmarried members of different sexes may not share bedrooms.

Accommodation in Alsera can be booked in two ways. If you want to pay via credit or debit card, you can book via Green Olive Tours, an Israeli social enterprise which runs tours and provides accommodation in Palestine and Palestinian communities within Israel. Or you can get in touch via Bedouin Hospitality, a community tourism scheme run by the Regional Council of Unrecognized Bedouin Villages.


2 responses to “Alsera Homestays, Naqab (Negev)

  1. I’m traveling through Israel since 2 years but never heard about Alsera. Must be beautiful place, since I enjoy spending time away from modern tourist cities. If you don’t mind, I can share some nice place to relax in Israel. It’s Hostel Tel Aviv, actually located between Tel Aviv and Haifa. You won’t find there any Bedouins, like in Alsera, but it’s a calm place. Thanks for the opportunity to share ideas!


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