Tent of Nations, Nahalin

The Tent of Nations is a campsite and summer camp on a farm known as Daher’s Vineyard after Daher Nasser, the grandfather of the present owners. The farm is situated near the village of Nahalin, just off the main road (Route 60) between Bethlehem and Hebron in the southern West Bank. Nasser bought the land in 1916 but, despite an Israeli Supreme Court decision, it has remained the target of attempted land grabs by settlers for nearly two decades. The Nasser family is unable to get planning permission to build on the land, so the accommodation for volunteers and summer camps is in specially-constructed tents and caves. Volunteer roles include helping to tend the orchards, looking after livestock, teaching English at the women’s empowerment project, youth work with Palestinian youngsters during the summer camps or digging water-storage cisterns. Tent of Nations is also one of the few West bank organisations happy to accept short-term as well as long-term volunteers. Accommodation March to November only

Phone: 02 274 3071 or 052 297 5985
Email: dnassar [at] tentofnations.org or info [at] tentofnations.org
Website: www.tentofnations.org

UK and US support groups for the Tent of Nations have email lists where you can sign up for news and events at the farm, via www.foton.org.uk or http://fotonna.org.


2 responses to “Tent of Nations, Nahalin

  1. Dear Sarah, I just bought your book: “Palestine” and it is a great help to write about my research tour in Palestine this March/April – thank you for your invaluable contribution to make Palestine popular!
    But I am missing the Anastas Holy Star Guest House (and Souvenir Shop) in Bethlehem in your book as well as among the addresses of Guesthouses. Didn*t you know it? The family Claire and Johnny Anastas really need to become well known because of being encaged between apartheid wall near Rachels Tomb.
    Best wishes from Vienna

    • Hi Fritz – thanks for your comment, and I’m glad you found the guidebook useful. Actually, the Anastas’ guesthouse is in the book, listed as ‘Claire’s’, as they hadn’t given it a formal name when I was doing the research! Best, Sarah

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