Al-Mutran Guesthouse, An-Nasira (Nazareth)

Al-Mutran Guest House is a 200-year-old Palestinian mansion, set in the heart of Nazareth’s Old City. It offers both private rooms and suites for families or small groups. The guesthouse was the mansion of the Palestinian Kattouf family, who, according to the guesthouse owners, “were famous for their jewelry and handmade gold, gemstone and diamond products. The wealth that their craftsmanship brought them allowed them to build a beautiful mansion, with stunning tiled floors, balconies overlooking the city, and elegant architecture. Today, it is remodeled and equipped with everything from modern luxuries like WiFi and A/C, to antique furniture.”
Mutran is the Arabic word for bishop, and the guest house has this name because it is situated next to a mansion historically used by the bishop in the historically Palestinian Christian city of Nazareth.

Phone: (reservations) 052 722 9090 (guesthouse) 04 645 7947

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Hanan Isachar Photography


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