Sami Youth Hostel, Jericho

Just across the road from the pomp of the Intercontinental Hotel (and its closed casino) is Aqabat Jaber refugee camp, home to the only properly budget accommodation option in Jericho city. Sami Youth Hostel is a friendly, relaxed, if slightly chaotic place to stay, offering triple rooms at budget rates.
Contact: Sami Youth Hostel, Jerusalem-Jericho Road, Aqabat Jaber Camp, Jericho. Tel: 02 232 4220; 059 722 3727 or
052 792 3384.

Image courtesy of TripWolf

Read about Sami Youth Hostel:
Teeksa Photography
Ha’aretz (Note this article is old and written during a period of heightened Israeli military activity in the West Bank)
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3 responses to “Sami Youth Hostel, Jericho

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  2. Hellow, we are moving to Jericho tomorrow and would like to know if U have an available double room for 2 people for tomorrow (with warm air because the cold)
    Please, if U have, tell me, and the price,
    We re arriving along the midday to the city.
    Thanks a lot

    • Joaquin – this is just a listing website you have commented on, you need to use the contact details on the page to get in touch with the hostel and book a room. Hope you have a great stay!

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