Al-Yasmeen Hotel, Nablus

Located in the middle of the Old City of Nablus, in a renovated building six hundred years old, the Yasmeen is one of Nablus’ higher-end hotels and is often fairly busy. It has a range of comfortable en-suite rooms and friendly, helpful staff. It’s also home to the Zeit ou Zaatar restaurant, which has a spacious dining hall but which also serves classic Palestinian dishes such as mussakhan on the bridge between the two halves of the hotel, giving night-time diners views to the lights and splendid green dome of An-Nasr mosque.

Al-Yasmeen Hotel, Old City (Kasaba), Nablus
Phone: 00970 9 2 333 555
Fax: 00970 9 233 3666
Mobile: 00970 599 766 944
Email: (management), (general manager)
Facebook page

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Red Pepper
Electronic Intifada


One response to “Al-Yasmeen Hotel, Nablus

  1. hi
    i would like to know how i can spend my holidays in nablus.trully i need an hotel but i want to know all informations about my vacances there.. services,price single room….
    please can you reply my letter as soon as possible.

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