Area:D, Ramallah

Information about a new hostel in Ramallah:

“Area:D is a joint Palestinian/Swiss-run hostel designed by and for backpackers, and we’re only half a block from the main downtown bus station, in the middle of Ramallah’s lively fruit and vegetable market. In addition to all the amenities you’d expect from a new, modern hostel with space for 50 people, we have affordable long-term apartments for volunteers/interns, a great view all the way to Jerusalem, food and handicrafts from remote villages, and a mission to ensure all visitors leave more informed of the context than when they arrived. Though we don’t push any particular agenda, our hostel is full of opportunities to understand the complex political situation, from geo-political tours to debates/lectures and an even an NGO corner full of information and potential contacts”.


Phone: +970 (0)56-934-9042
Address: Top Floor, Maliki Building, Mosque/Vegetable Market Street next to Jerusalem bus station
Facebook: Here


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