Al-Kayed Palace, Sebastia

The Al-Kayed Palace Guesthouse is an Ottoman-era palace in the West Bank village of Sebastia, built for the Al-Kayed family in around 1855.
The ground floor of the building was renovated in 2007 for the benefit of a women’s association which works in Sebastia. They use it for community and cultural activities such as crafts, soap-making, cooking, homework clubs and health projects. Other community groups in the village also use the space for events and meetings.
In 2011, Riwaq also renovated the upper floors of the building for the Women’s Committee Club of Sebastia to develop as a guesthouse. With the support of HAFSA (Hanwell Friends of Sabastiya, a British twinning group), the guesthouse opened in 2013 and is run on a day-by-day basis by Abu Yasser and his wife. Members of the women’s group also work in the guesthouse, and goods such as soap, embroidery and jam made by local women are also sold there.

Prices (B&B)
Single room: 155 NIS
Twin room: 120 NIS per person
Dormitory (3 to 5 in one room) 100 NIS per person

Phone: (00972) 059 947 3646
Website here


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