If you want to know more about this website or the Bradt Guide to Palestine, please contact me via my website. Please note this is not a bookings website; all contact information available is included on the individual page for each guesthouse, hostel or homestay programme. If you have a guesthouse you’d like listing, or you’ve stayed somewhere which you think should appear on this site, please contact me. This is a not-for-profit website which makes no charge for listings.

12 responses to “Contact

  1. Hello my dear
    We are the International friends guest house form Nablus , we are so happy for your new book about Palestine , we will be happy if you can add us to your website , as will we will put you website link to ours ,
    Thank you very much

  2. Hello. Do you know if is still active – I got really positive emails from them a few months ago, but everything has gone silent now. Thanks!

  3. My wife Olwen and I have just stayed in the Al-Kayed Palace guesthouse in the centre of the village of Sebastia for two nights and we recommend it very highly. It is run personally by Abu Moser (Ahmad) who is a descendant of the ancient Palestinian family who built the palace and is the most friendly, helpful and informative host possible. The guesthouse is beautifully restored and very comfortable. Staying there is a benefit to the local community, especially the women’s group who cook and have workshops on a lower floor.
    The extraordinary Roman and early Christian ruins – palaces, churches, theatre, pillared road – are of such quality and interest that I feel this should be a World Heritage site.
    David Heap – Dublin, Ireland

  4. Dear Sarah
    It appears that the eco- centre guesthouse in Auja is no longer operating.
    Do you happen to know of any other accomodation in that village?
    Many thanks for this invaluable resource.

  5. Dear Sarah
    It appears that the eco-centre Guesthouse is no longer in operation. Do you happen to know of any other accomodation in that village?
    Many thanks for this valuable resource.
    Best wishes


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